Bessel is defined as a MRO, projects and engineering company focused on the strategic naval, land and air sectors.
We approach these lines of business effectively, thanks to our ability to manage and integrate the knowledge acquired through experience, information and training. Our goal is to provide the maximum added value to our customers.

  • International development, taking advantage of business opportunities in any geographical área.
  • Prioritizing the quality of our professional work.
  • Insisting on innovation, constantly searching for new markets and services, maintaining constant growth.
  • Offering our employees opportunities for personal and professional development.

We encourage the motivation and involvement of people, of the professionals who work for us.
We guarantee objectivity, independence of criteria and confidentiality in the relationship with our clients.
We are true in everything we say and do. We look for solutions, we do not create problems and we always respect our commitments.
We seek excellence as a goal of professional realization, knowing the importance of effort every day.
We are creative and innovative. We regenerate ourselves permanently, accessing new markets, devising new services, developing technical and management tools and taking advantage of new technologies.